Stage 0

Getting Started with HTML

Welcome to the World Wide Web! Start your exploration here with an introduction to the World Wide Web and HTML. Find out about the basics of the internet how it's structured. Additonally, you will learn how to use HTML to design webpages

Stage 1

Make Your Webpage

Now that you know what a webpage is, let's learn a little more about them and how they are made and structured. Here we look at some of the basic principles of making webpages, and also learn about CSS.

Stage 2

Introduction to Serious Programming

Here we begin to explore "serious programming". We understand what is a programming language, basic characteristics of such languages, and some of the history behind these languages, which effectively create most of the internet content we see today

Stage 3

Python Concepts

After learning about programming languages broady, we set our focus on Python, which is one of the most used languages in the world. Learn all about Variables, Strings, If and While Statements, and even how to Debug your code. You will also learn about functions which are a fundamental component of all programming languages

Stage 4

Diving Deeper in Python

Things start to get a little trickier here as we delver deeper into Python. We're exploring concepts like structured data and list operators. Don't give up just yet as these are the tools which will help you solve the real big interesting problems!

Stage 5

Let's Make a Real Webpage!

Here we introduce a few more technical concepts. You are now building your own living breathing dynamic webpage which is hosted on the internet. Learn about how your web client communicates with servers and how you see content on your screen. Additionally, you will learn how to use templates to build more complex and dynamic websites.

Stage 6

Let's Explore!

After learning the basics of programming and how to build a web application, we aim to get a deeper understanding of Front End Design. In this stage we explore the intricacies of CSS and web frameworks. Bootstrap is one such framework, which was used to create this very webpage. After this lesson, continue exploring on your own. There is no dearth of lessons out there.